• Country DJ Pool (Country Music For DJs Only!)

  • Country DJ Pool - Country Music Only

    iDJPool - For Club DJs & Mobile DJs

    Radio DJ Pool - For USA Radio DJs Only

    MP3 For DJs - Discount for USA Military, Veterans, Police & Fire

    Urban DJ Pool - Urban Music Only

  • URBAN Music
  • DANCE / EDM Music
  • COUNTRY Music
  • POP Music
  • ROCK Music
  • LATIN Music
  • GOSPEL Music
  • JAZZ Music
  • DJ TOOLS (Samples - Scratches - Beats - Loops)
  • HOLIDAY (Christmas, Halloween & 4th Of July)
Country DJ Pool Monthly Agreement

Country DJ Pool is for each individual DJ, not per company. Each DJ must have their own Country DJ Pool account.

Redistribution of any MP3 file is strictly prohibited (No File Sharing).

There are no refunds.

The date of the day you join will be your auto payment date for the following month (Every 30 days)

Automatic Monthly Payment (Auto-Pay) - This is a recurring monthly payment (Month-to-Month).
Your payment subscription will continue in effect unless and until you cancel your Country DJ Pool membership.
All subscriptions are recurring until canceled. We will bill the monthly membership fee to the Payment Method you provide to us during registration (or to a different Payment Method if you change your account information).

You may cancel your Country DJ Pool membership at any time. You must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month's record pool membership fees (You must give us 2 Days Notice "48 Hours" in advance to cancel).
Please email us to cancel your membership and automatic payment subscription.

If you cancel and want to rejoin we only allow 1 start over with no prepay:

1st Start Over - You can rejoin with no prepay.

2nd Start Over - To rejoin you will have to prepay 12 months.
(No payment will be due during these 12 months - You can go back to paying monthly after the 12 months)