Bug Report - Known Issues

• There is a bug in the latest version of Google Chrome that prevents the audio preview and seek feature from functioning properly.

This bug is expected to be fixed with the upcoming release of Chrome 61, the estimated release date is September 12th.

We suggest using a different browser for now if you would like to use the preview and seek feature.

• If you are experiencing issues with folder loading or the audio player, please clear your browsers cache. See:

[Resolved] • In Internet Explorer: Audio preview player is unresponsive when clicking on "Play" on search and search result pages.[Resolved] • Intermittent network issue that is keeping javascript from loading which is affecting the downloads page and others.
- If you are still experiencing this issue, please clear your browsers cache or try a different browser.

[Resolved] • All browsers: Search results "pagination" only advances to second page.

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